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If you, or a family member, have recently been injured in an accident and believe that you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries sustained, an essential first step is to secure the assistance of a personal injury attorney. An attorney will prove invaluable in building a strong personal injury claim and persuasively presenting it. He or she will help you to overcome any obstacles that may lie between you and legal victory and compensation, and may make all the difference between the success or failure of your claim.

For more information on some of the many Rhode Island case types we work on, select from the list below.


a father and mother reading a book to their two childrenFor anyone who is really looking for a team of Attorneys that will fight for you every second of the way, this here is the team you want and need in your corner. Attorney Ryan Kelley and his team helped me through such a difficult time after my accident. The stress of thinking what happens next was lifted off my shoulders.

Communication is key for me, and my M&N team was on point with the level of communication they provided. The get-well cards and flowers after surgery were just a special touch that brightened my day. I wasn’t treated like another number or another case, they really made me feel like family. They really care for you and your wellbeing. Words will never express but I will forever be grateful for all they have done for me. Thank you !!!!!”
– Heather P.

Amanda C.
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I've felt comfortable and have built trust with them. They work hard and it shows. I am super thankful to have worked with them.
Susan B.
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I love this law firm! My lawyer was compassionate, kind and understanding during a very difficult time.
M&NBarbara E.
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They have been absolutely wonderful throughout my case-with a mix of professionalism and friendship all in one.

What Does A Personal Injury Attorney Do?

If you, or a family member, have recently been injured in an accident and believe that you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries sustained a critical first step is to secure the assistance of a personal injury attorney.An attorney will prove invaluable in building a strong personal injury claim and persuasively presenting it.Your attorney can help you to overcome any obstacles to obtaining compensation and may make all the difference between the success or failure of your claim.

Brings Expertise To The Table

While it is technically!0 that you can file a personal injury claim by yourself, in the grand majority of cases it’s better to reach out to a skilled attorney for help.The process of forming, filling, and defending a claim, can be more complicated than you might anticipate and the inherent challenges are often too much to handle for a person without legal experience.Knowledge of legal terminology and procedures and experience in dealing with at-fault parties and insurance companies are essential.Insurance companies may try various evasive techniques or counter-accusations and may try to trick you into making statements that would release them from responsibility.An experienced attorney will be able to spot their tactics and to respond appropriately.

Accurately Assess Damages

Your attorney will also help you to understand the full scope of both the injuries and the financial damage you may have sustained.This includes losses you may not have been initially aware of. Slow manifesting injuries: In many cases, injuries seem minor at first, but with the passing of time, it becomes clear that they are more serious.These types of usually require additional medical attention, further adding to your financial losses from the incident. Lost wages: Beyond medical costs, another financial loss to consider is past and future lost wages.That is, the income you would have earned if your injury had not prevented you from being able to work.This begins from the moment you sustain injury and extends on into the future until such time that you are able to return fully to work.In most cases, you are entitled to compensation for all of these costs.Your attorney will have the experience and knowledge needed to determine and evaluate the full extent of your loses so you can make the first step toward getting the compensation you deserve.

Provides Ease Of Mind During Particularly Complex Cases

Coping with the emotional aftermath of your accident, recuperating from your injuries, and dealing with the financial impact of your treatments and inability to work, may leave you mentally and emotionally drained with little energy left over to focus on your case.Some personal injury cases can be extremely challenging with complex legal issues at play.We especially see this with medical malpractice cases or accidents where multiple parties are involved.An experienced personal injury attorney can successfully maneuver through the labyrinth of laws, statutes, and regulations, knowing how to make these work for you rather than against you.Allowing your attorney to take over the technicalities of your claim or lawsuit enables you to relax and focus on recovery.

Deals With The Insurance Company For You

If you expect the at-fault party’s insurance company to cooperate with you in good faith, you may be in for a disappointment. Insurance companies are motivated by holding onto their money for as long as possible and settling claims for as little as possible and do not have your best interests in mind.If you are represented by an attorney, however, your claim will immediately be taken more seriously. Moreover, thanks to years of previous experience, a skilled lawyer knows how to deal with insurance companies and will be neither intimidated nor outmaneuvered by their tactics.If a fair settlement with the at-fault party and their insurance company cannot be reached, it is likely that the case will be brought before a court of law.During the court case, your attorney will act as your advocate, tirelessly presenting and defending your claim to achieve the best possible verdict with the jury.In addition, being represented by an established law firm will give you access to otherwise unavailable resources – such as experienced expert witnesses who may prove to be crucial to your success in the courtroom.

Marasco & Nesselbush Know Rhode Island Personal Injury

Just as there exist many kinds of doctors practicing many avenues of medical sciences, there are different kinds of attorneys specializing in different areas of the law.Even though a medical specialist may have a general knowledge of the fields outside of his or her specialty, you would never dream of an ophthalmologist performing an organ transplant.The same is!0 when it comes to the practitioners of the law.You may have become acquainted with a tax lawyer or a legal estate attorney; your family may even have their family lawyer. However, only by choosing a personal injury attorney – a lawyer specialized in the complexities of the personal injury law – can you ensure best representation and results.Because states differ when it comes to the details of personal injury law – for example, the statute of limitations, damage caps, or types of liability you should work with an attorney with established practice in the state of Rhode Island.For the past two decades,Rhode Island residents have trusted their personal injury cases to the capable hands of our attorneys at Marasco & Nesslebush Law Offices.

Common Personal Injury Cases In Rhode Island

Common personal injury claims in the state of Rhode Island include:

  • car accidents
  • medical malpractice
  • slip and falls
  • defective products
  • dog bites
  • toxic exposure
  • workplace accidents

If you have fallen victim to any of the above-mentioned accidents or something similar, you may have the makings of a personal injury case. Contact us to discuss your legal options so that we can help you get the compensation you may be entitled to.

You can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to bring your case to a successful resolution. Our services are characterized by a personal interest and understanding of our clients’ plight. All your concerns will be heard and addressed and we will keep you well-informed on the progress of your case every step of the way.

Our thorough understanding of Rhode Island personal injury law, and experience in representing a variety of case types lead to the best possible results for your claim.

We pledge to represent your case with passion, intelligence, honesty, and integrity. Our record of past won cases, and satisfied clients is a testimony to the effectiveness of our work.

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