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Personal injuries can happen to you anywhere — while driving on the road, getting care at a medical facility, or while spending time on a commercial or personal property. Wherever it takes place, your injuries may entitle you to compensation from the wrongdoer.

Here in Rhode Island, we are not immune to personal injuries. Government data show that in recent years over three hundred people have suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident in the state. Vehicle accident fatalities spiked to 84 here in 2017. And in 2021, a bicycle rider was killed by a car in Providence.

Rhode Island regulators have repeatedly imposed hefty fines on a major Rhode Island hospital for its shortcomings. That same hospital paid almost $90 million in lawsuit awards in two recent cases alone.

As local Rhode Island personal injury lawyers, the team at Marasco & Nesselbush vigorously advocates for our clients. We are proud that Rhode Island residents have trusted us since 1999 to lead their personal injury legal battles while offering respectful, compassionate support. Our lawyers are part of the community, with offices in Providence, Wakefield, Warwick, Woonsocket.


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$6,200,000 Awarded

to a client who sustained serious injuries in a rollover crash caused by a distracted driver.

$5,100,000 Awarded

for the estate of a woman who passed as a result of surgical negligence

$4,500,000 Recovered

for a client who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car crash


Thousands of bike accidents occur annually across the United States. Most of these accidents are minor, but some are fatal. 

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes approximately 2% of motor vehicle crash deaths in the United States involve bicyclists. Meanwhile, the Rhode Island Office of Highway Safety reported 12 bicycle fatalities between 2008 and 2017.  


Bicycle accident injuries can be severe and include minor cuts and bruises as well as catastrophic injuries — even death. 

Accident victims may experience: 

head injuries

Head injuries

back pain

Back pain

broken bones

Broken bones

soft tissue

Soft tissue injuries

traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)

Bike accident injuries should always be evaluated by a doctor. That way, a bicyclist can receive appropriate treatment and prevent any injuries from becoming long-lasting issues.  


Bike accidents occur for a variety of reasons, including: 

limited visibility

Limited visibility

It can be difficult for a driver to see a bicyclist at night or in areas where visibility is limited, increasing the risk of a bike accident.

distracted driving

Distracted driving

A driver can lose focus behind the wheel and not see a bicyclist, resulting in an accident.

poor road conditions

Poor road conditions

Uneven pavement or slick roads can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle, leading to an accident.

a person riding a bike


A driver traveling at a high speed may not be able to stop in time to prevent a bike accident.

unsafe lane changes

Unsafe lane changes

If a driver does not check their blind spots when switching lanes, they can cause a bike accident.

inclement weather

Inclement weather

Snow, rain, sleet, and other inclement weather can impact driving conditions and ultimately contribute to a bike accident.

You can’t always avoid a bike accident. However, cyclists who understand why bike accidents happen can take precautions to limit the risks of such incidents and related injuries.  


Here are some of the best ways for drivers to avoid bike accidents in Rhode Island: 

  • Avoid speeding and reduce your speed in hazardous conditions.  
  • Avoid distracted driving. 
  • Keep a safe distance from bicyclists. 
  • Pass bicyclists slowly and cautiously.  

Additionally, here are some of the best ways for bicyclists to limit the risk of accidents: 

  • Never assume drivers see you.  
  • Use hand signals to indicate when you’re about to turn. 
  • Use a bike mirror. 
  • Wear high-visibility clothing.  
  • Place lights and reflectors on your bike.  

If a bike accident occurs, you need to know how to respond as well.  


Medical care should be your top priority following a bike accident in Rhode Island. Second only to your physical health should be your financial health. If you have been injured, you will likely have medical bills and lost wages as you recover. In addition, the trauma of the accident may cause pain and suffering, for which you should be compensated. 

1. Call 911

Get medical attention immediately following a bike accident. This ensures you can receive immediate help with any possible injuries.  

Once you call 911, emergency responders will arrive on the scene. These responders will examine you and anyone else who may have been injured during your bike accident. They can also bring you to an emergency room as needed.  

If you need to visit a hospital after your bike accident, many options are available in Rhode Island. Some of the top-rated hospitals in Rhode Island include: 

Keep track of any medical treatments and charges you receive. You may need to share this information with an attorney if you file a personal injury lawsuit against anyone responsible for your bike accident and injuries.  

2. Collect Evidence

Gather evidence at the bike accident scene. Take photos of any injuries you suffered or damage to your bike.  

Also, get information from anyone involved in the bike accident. You can collect insurance and contact information from the driver. And you should get witness testimonials.  

You can request a police report following your accident. Once you call 911, a police officer will arrive at the accident scene. The officer will put together a report based on the information provided by you and others involved in the accident.  

The police officer can give you a copy of your police report. Or, you can request a copy from your local police department after your bike accident.  

3. Consult with a Bike Accident Attorney

Reach out to a bicycle accident attorney to learn how to pursue financial damages. Next, the attorney can evaluate your legal claim and determine if you have a strong argument.  

If a bicycle accident lawyer believes you have a viable argument, this professional can help you build your case. The lawyer can also help you file your lawsuit and move forward with litigation.  

Rhode Island Bike Accident Laws

Here are some of Rhode Island’s laws for bicyclists:

  • Bicyclists under the age of 15 must wear a helmet.
  • Bicyclists must ride on the right side of the road whenever possible.
  • It is illegal to drive a bicycle under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substances.

There is a two-year statute of limitations to file a bike accident lawsuit for personal injuries. This means a bicyclist who experiences personal injuries in an accident can sue anyone responsible within two years of their accident.

In a Rhode Island bicycle accident, there can be times when a bicyclist is partially at fault. In these instances, a bicyclist may be unable to recover the maximum amount of damages in their personal injury lawsuit.

For example, a bicyclist can file a lawsuit for $10,000 in damages. If a judge or jury finds the bicyclist is 30% responsible for the accident, this individual will be awarded $7,000.


You are not legally required to hire a Rhode bike accident lawyer. Yet, doing so can be beneficial for several reasons.

First, a Rhode Island bike accident attorney knows the state’s laws. This lawyer can determine what laws were violated and help you pursue financial compensation from those responsible for your accident.

Moreover, a bike accident lawyer has your best interest at heart. The attorney wants you to receive fair compensation if you experience physical or emotional trauma due to your bike accident. Your lawyer will do their part to help you achieve the best possible case results.


A Rhode Island bike accident can become costly and time-intensive. This is because the accident can cause problems that extend beyond the incident itself.

If you experience personal injuries due to your bike accident, you may need regular doctor’s appointments and treatments. These can be expensive. They can also force you to miss work and experience lost wages.

A driver’s insurance company may reach out to you after a Rhode Island bicycle accident in an effort to get you to accept a settlement agreement.

If you have concerns or questions about what to do after a Rhode Island bicycle accident, consult with an attorney. Then, you can receive legal help as you try to move forward from your accident.

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A bike accident can damage your physical, mental, and financial health. Fortunately, you can partner with a first-rate attorney who can help you get financial compensation from those who caused your Rhode Island bike accident.

The bike accident attorneys at Marasco & Nesselbush deliver proven results. Over the years, we have helped clients secure over $100 million in settlements in personal injury cases. Our attorneys can help you win or settle your bike accident case and get the maximum compensation amount.

With law offices in Providence, Wakefield, Warwick, and Woonsocket. we are available to discuss your bike accident case and help you pursue compensation from at-fault parties. For more information or to request a free consultation, please contact us online or call us at (401) 252-0608.


Can anyone file a personal injury lawsuit following a bike accident in Rhode Island?

You are eligible to file a lawsuit against anyone responsible for a personal injury you sustain from a bike accident.

How much money can I get in a Rhode Island bicycle accident lawsuit?

Rhode Island does not place caps on damages you can receive in a bike accident lawsuit. A bike accident attorney can help you determine the right amount to pursue in financial damages.

Can I get compensation for pain and suffering caused by a bike accident in Rhode Island?

You can pursue economic and non-economic damages when you file a bike accident claim in Rhode Island. Economic damages include compensation for lost wages and medical expenses. Non-economic damages include compensation for pain, suffering, and emotional trauma.

How long will it take to settle a Rhode Island bike accident lawsuit?

A typical bike accident lawsuit can take many months or years to resolve. There are also instances in which a bike accident lawsuit gets resolved before it goes to court.

How much does it cost to hire a Rhode Island bike accident attorney?

The cost to hire a personal injury attorney in Rhode Island varies. In most cases, law firms that handle bicycle accident cases charge their clients on a contingency-fee basis, which means they are paid only if you win or settle your case.

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