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Rhode Island Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

The Rhode Island personal injury statute of limitations imposes deadlines for filing lawsuits for injuries caused by the wrongful acts, negligence, or default of
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Winter Car Accidents

Winter in Rhode Island can make roads treacherous. Snow, ice, slush, and other conditions increase slipperiness and can make it difficult to stop, start,
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Most Dangerous Roads in New England

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) is responsible for maintaining roadway safety in Rhode Island. The RIDOT may work with local departments of public works
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Teenage Car Accidents What to Do

The number of teen drivers who cause car accidents that result in serious injuries or death – to themselves, their passengers and others on the road – have

Road Rage and Aggressive Driving Accidents

Road rage and aggressive driving are factors in many accidents every year in Rhode Island, some of which have led to serious injuries and wrongful death. The American

Neck Injuries

Many of our clients at Marasco & Nesselbush are the victims of car accidents who are now coping with the consequences of a serious neck injury. Neck
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Types of Car Accident Injuries in Rhode Island

Car accident injuries can range from mild to severe, some not always immediately apparent after an accident. Understanding what injuries can occur after a

Common Types of Car Accidents In Rhode Island

Every car accident is unique–what caused it, how it occurred, where it happened, and how the vehicle made impact with another vehicle or object.
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Who Is at Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Collision?

A multi-car accident can result in serious physical injury and vehicle damage. When you file a claim to recover compensation, it can also become
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Does Rhode Island Have a Leash Law?

In Rhode Island, pet ownership laws play a crucial role in maintaining harmony and ensuring the safety of both animals and residents. Rhode Island

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