• $3 Million Recovery – for a victim of medical negligence.
  • $1.4 Million Recovery – on behalf of a medical negligence victim.
  • $1 Million Recovery – for a brain injury victim after a car accident.
  • $1 Million Recovery – for negligent infliction of emotional distress victim after an auto accident.
  • $2 Million Recovery – on behalf of the family of a patient who met his demise due to negligent administration of anesthesia and monitoring during a “routine procedure”.
  • $1.5 Million Recovery – Secured for wrongful death due to undiagnosed brain injury in the emergency room.
  • $1.425 Million Recovery – Wrongful death award secured for family of adolescent automobile accident victim. Read more here.
  • $1.25 Million Total Recovery – Recovered on behalf of an adolescent who sustained traumatic brain jury and orthopedic injuries when hit by a drunk driver who had been negligently served alcohol in a local bar.
  • $1.05 Million Recovery – Wrongful death recovery for the family of a man killed in a commercial trucking accident. Read more here.
  • $1 Million Recovery – Secured for a client who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a fall from a second floor window. Diligent investigation into the tragedy revealed a prior fall at the location, faulty screens and a failure to maintain the premises.
  • $975,000 Total Recovery – Case against bar and drunk driver for family of injured adolescent.
  • $925,000 Recovery – For automobile accident victim who sustained fractures to pelvis and leg. A man was struck by a car in Massachusetts while exchanging insurance information on the roadside with a driver who had just rear-ended him. The second accident resulted in serious injuries. Marasco & Nesselbush settled the case for $925,000, after refuting claims that the accident was caused by natural conditions and after strengthening the case by retaining an accident reconstruction expert.
  • $850,000 Settlement – For the death of an unborn child due to a physician’s failure to diagnose and treat the mother’s pre-eclampsia.
  • $819,000 Award – After trial to parents of infant who died after being misdiagnosed and discharged by hospital Emergency Department physician.
  • $800,000 Recovery – For Rhode Island woman who sustained serious orthopedic injuries in a Connecticut car crash.
  • $760,000 Wrongful Death Judgment – Following jury verdict against a dentist based on his failure to diagnose and treat infection.
  • $500,000 Wrongful Death Settlement – In a medical malpractice claim against a Hospital for the emergency department’s failure to timely diagnose and treat MRSA infection, resulting in lost opportunity to prevent progression of infection, quadriplegia and death.
  • $500,000 (Insurance Policy Limit) – Wrongful death claim results in recovery on behalf of man killed in automobile accident.
  • $470,000 Judgment – Following jury verdict against an orthopedic surgeon for negligently performing hip surgery on a young man who later required corrective surgery.
  • $375,000 Pre-trial Settlement – On behalf of a client who sustained a back injury when she slipped and fell in a supermarket. The lawsuit alleged negligent maintenance and failure to warn.
  • $358,750 Total Recovery – Recovered from the negligent driver and her uninsured motorist protection on behalf of a woman who sustained a traumatic brain injury after being struck by a motor vehicle while riding her bicycle.
  • $350,000 Recovery – On behalf of a client injured in a rear-end automobile collision. Our client sustained a significant spinal injury which required spinal fusion surgery. The negligent driver’s policy limit was exhausted and an additional $100,000 of the recovery was obtained from the client’s Underinsured Motorist coverage.
  • $325,000 Structured Settlement – Achieved on behalf of teenager who sustained a severed tendon injury.
  • $315,000 Recovery – On behalf of a man who sustained fractures and permanent impairment to his leg when his foot became lodged in a parking lot hole.
  • $305,000 Recovery – For client injured when a negligent driver lost control of his vehicle and ran our client, who was riding a bicycle, off the road.
  • $300,000 Settlement – For a teenaged passenger who suffered compression fractures in a motor vehicle accident.
  • $275,000 Settlement – Recovery for victim of nightclub assault/fall that caused a traumatic brain injury.
  • $275,000 Settlement – On behalf of worker who sustained fracture at work due to faulty design and maintenance of workplace. Read more here.
  • $250,000 Recovery – For Rhode Island man who sustained a significant spinal injury requiring lumbar fusion surgery after he was broadsided by a person who ran a red light.
  • $225,000 Settlement – Client who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a night club. Litigation demonstrated inconsistencies in the defendant’s version of how the injuries were sustained.
  • $215,000 Settlement – Medical malpractice claim against surgeon for injuries sustained as a result of clipping the wrong duct during a gallbladder surgery.
  • $200,000+ Recovery – Hotel company guests exposed to Legionella bacteria (a bacteria which can cause Legionnaires Disease) while on vacation; Marasco & Nesselbush was able to demonstrate the owner’s prior knowledge of the risk of exposure to its guests and a failure of the owner to take reasonable measures to address the risk.
  • $175,000 Uninsured Motorist Recovery – On behalf of youth struck by unidentified vehicle while waiting to enter insured’s automobile.
  • $175,000 Recovery – Liquor liability and general negligence claim for injured bar patron.
  • $150,000 Pretrial Settlement – Obtained for pedestrian struck by underinsured motorist.
  • $150,000 Settlement – Obtained for a college student involved in a motor vehicle accident on his way home from class. The accident, which was the result of the carelessness of a cab driver, caused the student to sustain serious injuries to his knee, including a torn meniscus and fractured patella.
  • $150,000 Settlement – Recovered on behalf of a person who had been recklessly served alcohol, fell outside of a bar, and sustained a traumatic brain injury.
  • $150,000 Arbitration Award – For physical therapist who sustained injuries which necessitated career change.
  • $135,000 Recovery – For fisherman who sustained knee injury on employer’s vessel due to negligent maintenance case; hinged on lack of seaworthiness claim pursuant to federal maritime law.
  • $130,000 Total Recovery – Recovered from the negligent driver and her uninsured motorist protection on behalf of a woman who sustained pelvic fractures and other orthopedic injuries from being struck while riding her bicycle on a public highway.
  • $120,000 Recovery – On behalf of airline passenger who sustained freezer burn due to airline’s negligence.
  • $80,000 Recovery – For tenant who fell on ice allowed to accumulate on landlord’s property.
  • $74,000 Settlement – Before trial after successful arbitration on behalf of client who suffered “soft tissue” injuries deemed permanently partially disabling.
  • Confidential Settlement – Medical Malpractice results in wrongful death award on behalf of the family of a disabled child. The child underwent general anesthesia for a dental procedure. Defendants alleged that the child met her demise due to unforeseen complications and that her death was the result of the risks associated with the anesthesia.
  • Confidential Settlement – Secured for patient and her husband for injuries she sustained due to negligent administration of anesthesia.
  • Confidential Settlement – Inappropriate antibiotic treatment results in vestibular dysfunction; pretrial confidential settlement reached with hospital and infectious disease specialists.
  • Confidential Settlement – Negligently performed episiotomy results in confidential settlement in Federal District Court against hospital and surgeon.
  • Confidential SettlementFailure to diagnose meningitis in child results in confidential settlement against pediatrician
  • Confidential SettlementSurgical negligence in performing hysterectomy results in confidential settlement just prior to trial against obstetrician.
  • Confidential Settlement – Failure to diagnose cardiac emergency and subsequent discharge from Emergency Room results in a confidential settlement against doctor and hospital.
  • Pre-trial Confidential Settlement – Retained surgical sponge after abdominal surgery results in abdominal infection; the parties reached a pre-trial confidential settlement.
  • Liable for Death – Veterans Administration Hospital liable for death of patient who fell and fractured skull; plaintiffs successfully contended that the fall was the result of hospital’s failure to follow fall precautions.
  • Successfully Resolved – Wrongful death claim against primary care physician and physician’s assistant; defendants failed to properly read electrocardiogram (EKG) and failed to diagnose heart attack in elderly woman
  • Confidential Settlementin case against surgeon for failure to timely diagnose bowel leak resulting in death
  • Confidential SettlementDeath of 50 year old mother as result of failure to timely diagnose breast cancer
  • Confidential Settlementfor loss of spouse due to failure to notify of recommendation for  colonoscopy
  • Widow Awarded Past-Due Social Security Disability Benefits – After 30 years, a widow of a veteran won past-due social security disability benefits. Read more here.
  • $900,000 Recovery – Medical Malpractice recovery on behalf of a woman who suffered from obstetrical negligence.
  • Benefits Granted To Single Mother After Cancer Diagnosis – A single mother of two awarded benefits after being diagnosed with rectal cancer and follicular lymphoma.
  • Secured Benefits on Behalf of Cancer Survior – Secured a continuation of benefits on behalf of a cancer survivor with a cessation case.
  • Benefits Awarded to Gentleman with Physical Limitations – Older gentleman awarded benefits after losing his business due to suffering from physical limitations.
  • Sufferer of Unusual Medical Condition Obtained SSDI Benefits – Young woman with a highly unusual condition causing vision loss obtained SSDI benefits requiring aggressive medical expert cross examination and extensive medical evidence.
  • Woman In Need of Liver Transplant Awarded Benefits – Young woman suffering from severe liver disease and in need of a liver transplant awarded benefits at initial stage.
  • SSDI Awarded for Psychological Impairments Allows Client to Obtain Treatment – A former teacher struggling from psychological impairments receives SSDI allowing her to work on her treatment goals and get back on her feet.
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Recent Recoveries for Moderate Injuries

Motor Vehicle Accident

  • Cervical sprain/strain $18,250
  • Back sprain $10,700
  • Shoulder sprain $23,750
  • Whiplash, cervical sprain $10,500
  • Whiplash, cervical sprain $11,500
  • Cervical sprain/strain $9,700
  • Cervical sprain/strain $9,000
  • Left shoulder and right knee contusion $13,000
  • Cervical spine muscle spasm and headache $23,500
  • Cervical and lumbar segmental dysfunction, muscle spasm $22,000

Slip & Fall

  • Ankle sprain $21,000
  • Lumbar strain $8,500
  • Thoracic sprain/strain $10,000

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