Recovered for our clients


For a victim of medical negligence.


On behalf of the family of a patient who met his demise due to negligent administration of anesthesia and monitoring during a “routine procedure."


Secured for wrongful death due to undiagnosed brain injury in the emergency room.


Wrongful death award secured for family of adolescent automobile accident victim


On behalf of a medical negligence victim


Recovered on behalf of an adolescent who sustained traumatic brain jury and orthopedic injuries when hit by a drunk driver who had been negligently served alcohol in a local bar.


Wrongful death recovery for the family of a man killed in a commercial trucking accident.


Secured for a client who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a fall from a second floor window. Diligent investigation into the tragedy revealed a prior fall at the location, faulty screens and a failure to maintain the premises.


For a brain injury victim after a car accident.


For negligent infliction of emotional distress victim after an auto accident.


Case against bar and drunk driver for family of injured adolescent.


For automobile accident victim who sustained fractures to pelvis and leg. A man was struck by a car in Massachusetts while exchanging insurance information on the roadside with a driver who had just rear-ended him. The second accident resulted in serious injuries. Marasco & Nesselbush settled the case for $925,000, after refuting claims that the accident was caused by natural conditions and after strengthening the case by retaining an accident reconstruction expert.


For the death of an unborn child due to a physician’s failure to diagnose and treat the mother’s pre-eclampsia.


After trial to parents of infant who died after being misdiagnosed and discharged by hospital Emergency Department physician.


For Rhode Island woman who sustained serious orthopedic injuries in a Connecticut car crash.


Following jury verdict against a dentist based on his failure to diagnose and treat infection.


In a medical malpractice claim against a Hospital for the emergency department’s failure to timely diagnose and treat MRSA infection, resulting in lost opportunity to prevent progression of infection, quadriplegia and death.


Wrongful death claim results in recovery on behalf of man killed in automobile accident.


Following jury verdict against an orthopedic surgeon for negligently performing hip surgery on a young man who later required corrective surgery.


On behalf of a client who sustained a back injury when she slipped and fell in a supermarket. The lawsuit alleged negligent maintenance and failure to warn.


Recovered from the negligent driver and her uninsured motorist protection on behalf of a woman who sustained a traumatic brain injury after being struck by a motor vehicle while riding her bicycle.


On behalf of a client injured in a rear-end automobile collision. Our client sustained a significant spinal injury which required spinal fusion surgery. The negligent driver’s policy limit was exhausted and an additional $100,000 of the recovery was obtained from the client’s Underinsured Motorist coverage.


Achieved on behalf of teenager who sustained a severed tendon injury.


On behalf of a man who sustained fractures and permanent impairment to his leg when his foot became lodged in a parking lot hole.


For client injured when a negligent driver lost control of his vehicle and ran our client, who was riding a bicycle, off the road.


For a teenaged passenger who suffered compression fractures in a motor vehicle accident.


Recovery for victim of nightclub assault/fall that caused a traumatic brain injury.


On behalf of worker who sustained fracture at work due to faulty design and maintenance of workplace.


For Rhode Island man who sustained a significant spinal injury requiring lumbar fusion surgery after he was broadsided by a person who ran a red light.


Client who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a night club. Litigation demonstrated inconsistencies in the defendant’s version of how the injuries were sustained.


Medical malpractice claim against surgeon for injuries sustained as a result of clipping the wrong duct during a gallbladder surgery.


Hotel company guests exposed to Legionella bacteria (a bacteria which can cause Legionnaires Disease) while on vacation; Marasco & Nesselbush was able to demonstrate the owner’s prior knowledge of the risk of exposure to its guests and a failure of the owner to take reasonable measures to address the risk.


On behalf of youth struck by unidentified vehicle while waiting to enter insured’s automobile.


Liquor liability and general negligence claim for injured bar patron.


Obtained for pedestrian struck by underinsured motorist.


Obtained for a college student involved in a motor vehicle accident on his way home from class. The accident, which was the result of the carelessness of a cab driver, caused the student to sustain serious injuries to his knee, including a torn meniscus and fractured patella.


Recovered on behalf of a person who had been recklessly served alcohol, fell outside of a bar, and sustained a traumatic brain injury.


For physical therapist who sustained injuries which necessitated career change.


For fisherman who sustained knee injury on employer’s vessel due to negligent maintenance case; hinged on lack of seaworthiness claim pursuant to federal maritime law.


Recovered from the negligent driver and her uninsured motorist protection on behalf of a woman who sustained pelvic fractures and other orthopedic injuries from being struck while riding her bicycle on a public highway.


On behalf of airline passenger who sustained freezer burn due to airline’s negligence.


For tenant who fell on ice allowed to accumulate on landlord’s property.