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Wrongful Death

Tragic Truck Accident:

Wrongful Death Recovery in Excess of $1 Million Dollars
Dorcas’ Testimonial – In a case involving an unimaginable tragedy for a young family, our client’s husband was killed on Route 95 while outside his vehicle. His car had broken down, but before it came to a stop, he had managed to get it to the high-speed breakdown lane. He then left the car and attempted to get out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, while near the high-speed lane he was struck and killed by an 18-wheel tractor-trailer.

Catastrophic Injuries

Fall Results in Traumatic Brain Injury:

Million Dollar Recovery for Adolescent
Edwin’s Testimonial – In a case which spanned more than a decade, Marasco & Nesselbush partner Joe Marasco and associate counsel Tim Lynch achieved a million dollar recovery for an adolescent who fell from a window as a child.

Car Accidents

Severe Car Accident With Back Injuries

Matthew’s Lawyer Referred Him to Marasco & Nesselbush
When Matthew suffered serious back injuries in a severe car accident, his attorney knew he needed expert legal care and referred him to Rhode Island’s trusted, experienced personal injury attorneys at Marasco & Nesselbush.

Social Security Disability


Social Security Disability Benefits Allow Johnny to Focus on Fighting Liver Cancer
When Johnny got the tragic news that he had been diagnosed with stage four liver cancer, he was devastated not knowing where to turn to. He talked amongst friends who recommended Rhode Island’s professional, caring, Social Security Disability Lawyers Marasco & Nesselbush.

Wrongful Death


Wrongful Death Recovery in Excess of $1 Million Dollars Helps Immigrant Family
Henrietta’s sister was tragically left without her significant other after a horrific accident. She reached out to Marasco & Nessellbush Wrongful Death Lawyers and was surprised how they handled her case with such care. They continued to check in on her and her family each day, making sure they were taken care of, and in the end getting them the compensation they needed to secure their futures.

Social Security Disability


Wrongful Death Recovery in Excess of $1 Million Dollars Helps Immigrant Family
Social Security Disability Benefits Help Charlotte to Cope with Disease and DisabilitiesVisit our YouTube channel for more testimonials.
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