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Download Volume 15, No 3 – Highlights:

M&N Named a Rhode Island Best Place to Work

Sheena Bennett: M&N Employee of the Year 

Fall Fun in Rhode Island

Download Volume 15, No 2 – Highlights:

-Seven M&N Attorneys Named to Rhode Island Monthly’s Professional Excellence in Law

-Timothy Lynch Named to Board of Governors for RI Association for Justice
-Employee of the Quarter: Rachel Jackson

Download Volume 15, No 1 – Highlights:

-M&N Earns Best Law Firm Recognition for the Sixth Consecutive Year

-March is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month
-In Memoriam Michelle Johnson
-M&N Team Volunteers at Higher Ground International

Download Volume 14, No 4 – Highlights:
-From our Families to Yours, Happy Holidays!
-M&N Welcomes Attorney Michael F. Curtis

-M&N Recovers $3 Million for a Client Left Paralyzed as a Result of Medical Negligence

Download Volume 14, No 3 – Highlights:
-Marasco & Nesselbush Named Best Place to Work for the 7th Consecutive Year

-City Held Accountable for Sidewalk Safety Negligence
-Peter Graham Named Employee of the Quarter for Q2 2022

Download Volume 14, No 2 – Highlights:
-M&N Obtains $7.2 Million Jury Verdict in Medical Negligence Case

-Donna Nesselbush is Nationally Recognized with the Eileen P. Sweeney Distinguished Service Award
-Employee of the Quarter, Q4 2021: Segmara Echevarria
-Employee of the Quarter, Q1 2022: Tania Toledo

Download Volume 14, No 1 – Highlights:

– 5 M&N Attorneys Recognized by U.S. News & World Report

– Long COVID Now a Disability Under the ADA

– Family Awarded $1.4 Million in Tragic TBI Case

– TBI Treatment Plans and Insurance Coverage

Download Volume 13, No 4 – Highlights:
– The Best and Worst Auto Insurance Companies
– Employee of the Quarter: Jon J
– M&N Earns Recognition from U.S. News for 5th Consecutive Year

– Welcome Attorney Selena Fortes

Download Volume 13, No 3 – Highlights:
– M&N Named Best Place to Work for 6th Year
– Attorney Nesselbush and M&N Fight to Increase Access to Justice
– Family Recovers $3 Million for Death of Infant

Download Volume 13, No 2Highlights:
– M&N Recovers $6.2 Million Settlement
– M&N Charitable Foundation Spotlight: The Tomorrow Fund
– What To Do In An Accident

Download Volume 13, No 1– Highlights:
– M&N Recognized by U.S. News & World Report
– M&N Charitable Foundation Spotlight: Mission 22
– Winter Driving Tips

Download Volume 12, No 4– Highlights:
– M&N Named Best Place to Work for 5th Year
– M&N Achieves $5.1 Million Settlement
– M&N Honored by The Providence Center
– Employee of the Quarter Jane Duket

Download Volume 12, No 3– Highlights:
– Five M&N Lawyers in Top 5%
– Marasco & Nesselbush Attorneys Earn Thompson Reuters Recognition as Rising Stars
– Charitable Foundation
– Recent Settlements

Download Volume 12, No 2 – Highlights:
– Delay of a Client’s Cancer Diagnosis Results in Substantial Confidential Settlement
– M&N Helps a Cancer Survivor
– Spotlights
– Recent Settlement

Download Volume 12, No 1 – Highlights:
– Traumatic Brain Injury Case Results in a Million Dollar Recovery
– Helping a Motor Cycle Crash Survivor Obtain Social Security Disability Benefits
– Attorney Spotlight: Tim Lynch
– Heather Jennison Honored as 2019 Employee of the Year
– Sara Nolasco Honored as 2019 Q4 Employee of the Quarter
– Charitable Foundation Spotlight: Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island

Download Volume 11, No 3 – Highlights:
– Millions Recovered. Thousands of Lives Changed.
– What is back pay for Social Security Disability?
– Not So Safe After All: The Explosive Danger of E-Cigarettes
– What to Do If You Are In An Auto Accident

Download Volume 11, No 2 – Highlights:
– Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for Medical Malpractice
– Can Social Security Affect Your Disability Benefits?
– Voted A”Best Place” to Work In Rhode Island
– How to Prepare for Storms In New England

Download Volume 11, No 1 – Highlights:
– Million Dollar Recovery for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress
– Surgical Negligence Results in $1.4 Million Award
– Ariana Ba Honored as Employee of the Year 2018
– Lisa Hanlon Honored as Employee of the Quarter
– Partner Donna Nesselbush Receives 2019 Extraordinary Woman’s Award
– Marasco & Nesselbush Once Again Recognized As “Best Law Firm” by U.S. News
– Spring Giveaway

Download Volume 10, No 2 – Highlights:
– Accident Results in $1,250,000 Recovery
– Social Security Disability Program Continues to Serve
– We Welcome Nicklyn and Chris to the Marasco Nesselbush Family
– TANIA TOLEDO – Honored as Employee of the Quarter

Download Volume 10, No 1 – Highlights:
– Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP named a Tier 1, U.S. News Best Law Firm
– Firm’s Experience Results in Multiple Wrongful Death Recoveries
– Maryellen Squillante honored as Employee of the Year
– Anthony Buglio honored as Employee of the Quarter
– Partner Donna Nesselbush Lectures at the Rhode Island Bar Association
– Rhode Island Woman’s Benefits restored after SSI Fraud Scare
– RWU Law Sponsorship
– Flu Season Tips
– Free Fleece Jacket

Download Volume 9, No 3 – Highlights:
– Partner Joseph Marasco installed as President of the Rhode Island Association for Justice
– Providence Business News recognized Marasco & Nesselbush as a 2017 Best Place to Work
– Lisa Hanlon honored as 2017 Employee of Quarter Two
– Union Pension Rights Restored and Retroactive Benefits Awarded for Rhode Island Man
– Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP – Charitable Foundation 2017 Update
– Storm Preparedness Best Practices Checklist
– Win a free iPad Mini

Download Volume 9, No 2 – Highlights:
– Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP celebrates 18th anniversary
– Maryellen Squillante honored as Employee of the Quarter
– Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island’s Enchanted Tea Party fundraiser

Download Volume 9, No 1 – Highlights:
– Botched cancer surgery leads to million dollar recovery
– Superlawyers honors four M&N Attorneys
– Heather Jennison honored as 2016 Employee of the year
– Vanessa Bautista named Employee of Quarter Four
– Tim Lynch named Employee of Quarter Three
– Win a free Ipad Mini
– Free Ice Scraper and First Aid Kit!

Download Volume 8, No. 3 – Highlights:
– Intake Assistant Cecilia Santos named Employee of The Quarter
– Obstetrical Negligence Case Results in $900,000 award
– Partner Joseph Marasco named President-Elect of the Rhode Island Association for Justice
– Addition of three new attorneys
– The timeline of a Social Security Case
– Free fleeces!

Download Volume 8, No. 2 – Highlights:
– Walking Team Supports the Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island at Colt State Park
– Recovery Obtained for Breast Cancer Survivor After Failure to Diagnose
– HEATHER JENNISON – Legal Assistant Honored as Employee of the Quarter
– Among 2016 Best Places to Work
– 150+ Years of Legal Experience: Millions Recovered, Thousands of Lives Changed.

Download Volume 8, No. 1 – Highlights:
– Marasco & Nesselbush is Safeguarding your Right to Benefits
– Single Father Purchases Home from Motorcycle Accident Proceeds
– Commitment to Breast Cancer Awareness and Education
– Attorney Anthony Buglio – Honored as Employee of the Year
– Pedro Contreras Reyes – Legal Assistant Honored as Employee of the Quarter

Download Volume 7, No. 4 – Highlights:
– Referral from Friend and Attorney Leads to Favorable Social Security Disability Ruling
– Event Showcases Marasco & Nesselbush’s Community Engagement
– Attorney Jane Duket Honored as Employee of the Quarter
– Join our Email List

Download Volume 7, No. 3 – Highlights:
– Medication Error Leads to Birth Defects
– Establishes Anti-Fraud Unit
– SARA Da SILVA – Honored as Employee of the Quarter

Download Volume 7, No. 2 – Highlights:
– Senator Whitehouse and Representative Langevin
– Tap Marasco & Nesselbush for Press Conference
– Confidential Wrongful Death Settlement
– Launches A Brain Injury Prevention Scholarship Contest

Download Volume 7, No. 1 – Highlights:
– Social security disability article
– Serving those who serve
– Personal injury article
– Dog attack results in $375,000 award

Download Volume 6, No. 3 – Highlights:
– Employee of the Quarter
– Brain Injury Prevention Scholarship
– National Bike Safety Month

Download Volume 6, No. 2 – Highlights:
– Million Dollar Recovery for Adolescent
– DAC Benefits Awarded to Deserving Disabled Adult Child
– Partners Address Brain Injury Association Conference
– Marasco and Nesselbush – Contribution to National Bike Safety Month

Download Volume 6, No. 1 – Highlights:
– Marasco and Nesselbush Recognized as Rhode Island “Super Lawyers”!
– Wrongful Death Recovery in Excess of $1 Million Dollars
– Marasco and Nesselbush Charitable Foundation Makes $31,000 in Donations
– Notable Case Highlights 2013

Download Volume 5 No. 3 – Highlights:
– Medical malpractice claim
– Communication error – tragic results
– Rhode Island disability judges
– Low pay rate of social security disability claims
– Marasco & Nesselbush: selected as best place to work
– Arbitration Results Demonstrate the Benefit of Skilled and Determined Legal Representation
– THANK YOU: Agnes Aghjayan Retires

Download Volume 5 No. 2 – Highlights:
– EMERGENCY ROOM NEGLIGENCE – Firm’s Recent Wrongful Death Victories Illustrate Perils
– Rare Federal Court Decision Reverses Denial and Awards Benefits to Woman without Health Insurance
– 14 Years of Growth & Strength
– Obtaining Social Security Benefits

Download Volume 5 No. 1 – Highlights:
– Marasco & Nesselbush Charitable Foundation Supports 5 Local Charities with $10,000 in Donations
– Maryellen Squillante Honored as 2012 Employee of the Year
– Social Security Cost-of-Living Increase for 2013

Download Volume 4 No. 3 – Highlights:
– Back to School Bus Safety Tips
– Meet Anthony S. Buglio, Esq
– Staff Makes Donation to Amos House

Download Volume 4 No. 2 – Highlights:
– Road Construction Company Liable for Accident
– The Formation of the Marasco & Nesselbush Charitable Foundation
– Donna Nesselbush and National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week

Download Volume 4 No. 1 – Highlights:
– Social Security Benefits will Increase 3.6% for 2012
– Workplace Accident Results in $315,000 Recovery
– Partner Donna M. Nesselbush Honored as Fellow

Download Volume 3 No. 3 – Highlights:
– How to Prove Your Depression is Disabling
– Special Advisory to Clients Who Have Used the Medication Avandia
– Highway Accident Victim Receives $900,000 Settlemen

Download Volume 3 No. 2 – Highlights:
– Widow of Disabled Veteran Awarded 30 Years of Past-Due Social Security Disability Benefits
– Medical Errors Ten Times More Common than Reported
– Bipolar Disorder: For Disability Benefits, Treatment Is Critical

Download Volume 3 No. 1 – Highlights:
– Fibromyalgia: Trigger Points and Your Disability Claim
– Injuries Caused by Snow and Ice
– Auto Insurers: Best and Worst

Download Volume 2 No. 3 – Highlights:
– Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger…
– Attorney Donna Nesselbush Elected Rhode Island Senator
– Helping Our Community Heal

Download Volume 2 No. 2 – Highlights:
– Superior Court Litigation Results in $275,000 Recovery
– Joseph P. Marasco Appointed to Board of Governors of Rhode Island Association for Justice
– Seasonal Safety Tips for Autumn

Download Volume 2 No. 1 – Highlights:
– Making New Law in the United States District Court
– Medical Malpractice: Protecting Patients’ Rights
– What Every Tenant and Landlord Should Know

Download Volume 1 No. 3 – Highlights:
– 2009 Cases Demonstrate Our Firms Commitment to Social Justice and Dedication to Injured Clients
– Marasco & Nesselbush: Featured Speakers at Rhode Island Bar Association’s Annual Meeting
– True or False: Medical Malpractice Claims Drive Up Health Care Costs

Download Volume 1 No. 2 – Highlights:
– Marasco & Nesselbush Wins Precedent-Setting Medical Malpractice Verdict
– Wear Your Helmet Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
– Lyme Disease and Social Security Disability

Download Volume 1 No. 1 – Highlights:
– $1.4 Million Awarded To Family For Loss of Teenage Son
– Donna Nesselbush Chairs Rhode Island Bar Association’s Social Security Disability Committee
– Protect Yourself…Purchase Uninsured Motorist Coverage

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