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Understanding Personal Injury Law in Rhode Island

Navigating the complexities of personal injury law in Rhode Island can be daunting, especially in the aftermath of an accident or injury. At Marasco & Nesselbush Law Offices, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge, helping them understand the legal framework that governs personal injury cases in our state.

Key Aspects of Rhode Island Personal Injury Law:

  • Statute of Limitations: In Rhode Island, personal injury claims must be filed within three years from the date of the injury. This time frame is crucial for preserving your right to seek compensation.
  • Comparative Negligence Rule: Rhode Island follows a ‘pure comparative negligence’ system. This means that even if you are partially at fault for your injury, you can still recover damages, though your compensation may be reduced by your percentage of fault.
  • No-Fault vs. Fault-Based Claims: Understanding the distinction between these two types of claims is vital. In certain cases, like car accidents, you may be able to file a claim against the at-fault party directly.

The Impact of Personal Injury in Rhode Island:

Prevalence of Personal Injury Cases: Statistics show that personal injury cases are not uncommon in Rhode Island, with numerous cases filed annually.

Economic and Non-Economic Damages: Victims of personal injury in Rhode Island can seek compensation for both economic damages (like medical expenses and lost wages) and non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering).

Why Understanding Personal Injury Law Matters:

  • Informed Decisions: Knowledge of these laws helps in making informed decisions about pursuing a personal injury claim.
  • Strategic Legal Approach: It aids in developing a strategic approach to maximize the potential compensation.
  • Empowerment: Understanding your legal rights and the nuances of Rhode Island law empowers you to navigate your personal injury case with confidence.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive understanding of Rhode Island’s personal injury law, ensuring you are well-informed and prepared as we move into discussing our specific areas of expertise in personal injury cases.

Our Expertise in Personal Injury Law

Our expertise in personal injury law is both deep and diverse, reflecting our commitment to excellence and justice for our clients in East Providence and beyond. Our experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in various aspects of personal injury law, ensuring that we can handle your case with the highest level of professional skill.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling a broad spectrum of personal injury cases. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Auto Accidents: Proficient in dealing with the complexities of auto accident claims, including negotiating with insurance companies.
  • Medical Malpractice: Expertise in confronting healthcare providers and institutions in cases of medical negligence.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: Knowledgeable in premises liability law, helping clients secure compensation for injuries sustained on unsafe properties.

Why You Need a Local East Providence Lawyer

We emphasize the importance of having a local East Providence lawyer by your side for several compelling reasons:

  • Local Legal Expertise: Profound understanding of Rhode Island’s specific personal injury laws.
  • Familiarity with Local Courts: Knowledge of the East Providence legal system, including courts, judges, and juries.
  • Ease of Communication: Benefits of geographic proximity for direct and frequent attorney-client interactions.
  • Local Community Insight: Unique insights from understanding the East Providence community, aiding in evidence and witness gathering.
  • Prompt Emergency Response: Quick and immediate legal assistance in urgent situations due to local presence.
  • Tailored Case Strategy: Leveraging local knowledge for a stronger, region-specific case strategy.

Your Rights as a Client

Understanding your rights as a client is pivotal in navigating the legal landscape of a personal injury case. At Marasco & Nesselbush Law Offices, we not only champion your case but also ensure that you are fully aware of your rights and the standards of professional legal conduct to which you are entitled.

  • Right to Competent Representation: Every client has the right to competent legal representation. This includes having an attorney who is knowledgeable, skilled, and adequately prepared to handle your case, ensuring the best possible legal outcomes.
  • Right to Confidentiality: Your communications with your lawyer are protected by attorney-client privilege. This confidentiality is fundamental, ensuring open and honest communication without fear of information being disclosed without your consent.
  • Right to Be Informed: You have the right to be kept informed about the progress of your case. This includes regular updates, prompt responses to inquiries, and clear explanations of legal procedures and developments.
  • Right to Make Decisions: While your attorney provides legal advice and recommendations, the ultimate decision-making power lies with you, the client. Whether it’s accepting a settlement offer or proceeding to trial, these decisions are yours to make.
  • Right to Ethical Representation: You are entitled to ethical representation, meaning your lawyer must act in your best interests, avoiding conflicts of interest and adhering to ethical standards set by legal authorities.
  • Right to Transparent Fees: Clients have the right to a clear understanding of their attorney’s fee structure, including how fees and expenses are calculated, billed, and what payment options are available. Rhode Island’s specific personal injury laws.

Client Reviews

Kimberly M.
Kimberly M.
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They work very hard on your behalf and will always return emails and phone calls. More than that, they will regularly reach out to give you updates on your case or to check in and see how you are doing. On a scale of 1 - 10: if I could give you 10+ I would! They have been wonderful!!
Amanda C.
Amanda C.
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I’ve felt comfortable and have built trust with them. They work hard and it shows. I am super thankful to have worked with them.
Tev I.
Tev I.
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Not many were willing to take this unique case on, but M&N and my attorney has earned my respect and gratitude for their efforts. Thank you, again!
Teague J.
Teague J.
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Marasco & Nesselbush has the best team in their industry! I was treated professionally from the beginning to end. There was no question or concern that was not meet with a timely and satisfying answer. Even when I had small needs outside of my case. I HIGHLY recommend this team of professionals. Their values and determination can not be beat!
Ann B.
Ann B.
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Everyone at Marasco & Nesselbush has provided me with superb attention and support throughout my case and time with them. I was so grateful for their professionalism and care. Thanks and much appreciation!
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When an accident happens, it's hard enough to get through that, then trying to find a great lawyer to help is even harder, but y'all made the whole process easy, and provided comfort and understanding. You also provided ease and determination with no back down attitudes. I will definately be recommending and will always be appreciative for the care you showed my son and my self! Thank you!
Chris A.
Chris A.