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As the number of commercial trucks on the road in Rhode Island increases, so does the likelihood of an accident. If you’ve been in a truck accident, contacting a lawyer may be necessary to protect your rights.

Commercial trucks are among the largest vehicles on the road, which means that accidents involving trucks can be catastrophic. While the number of serious car accident injuries is steadily decreasing in Rhode Island, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Safety Administration, 74 vehicles were involved in fatal accidents in 2019. Large trucks accounted for 5.4% of those vehicles.

After a crash involving a commercial truckin g vehicle, you may suffer life-altering injuries that make it impossible to work. You need a lawyer ready to represent you so you can focus on recovering.

When searching for a Rhode Island truck accident lawyer, you should consider the law firm’s areas of focus, years of experience, and success record. The personal injury lawyers at Marasco & Nesselbush can help if you’ve been injured in an accident involving a commercial trucking vehicle. Depending on the nature of your crash, you may be eligible for compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.


When you hire a truck accident lawyer in Rhode Island, choosing a legal team knowledgeable in personal injury law is essential. Marasco & Nesselbush has experience in truck accident cases and will help you recover the compensation you deserve. To demonstrate the commitment of Marasco & Nesselbush’s legal team, here are some recent case results:
$1 million
to a family in a wrongful death truck accident case

$1.05 million
to a family in a wrongful death commercial trucking accident 

Marasco & Nesselbush has a long track record of success representing truck accident victims.
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Accidents involving commercial trucks are complicated because several parties may be liable. Based on the circumstances, one or all of the following parties can share responsibility:


Trucking companies

Vehicle manufacturers

Maintenance technicians

Drunk drivers may hold full or partial responsibility for a crash if they break a state or federal regulation. The truck’s manufacturer may share responsibility if it produces a defective vehicle. A trucking firm may be liable if it did not perform adequate vehicle inspections or hired unqualified drivers.

Drivers of passenger vehicles may also be responsible for trucking accidents.

Rhode Island is a pure comparative fault state. In such areas, claimants can receive financial compensation even if they are partly or primarily responsible for the crash.

Hiring a Rhode Island truck accident lawyer is vital to establishing which party is responsible. Depending on the nature of your case, a lawyer may be able to help you with the following:

One of the main benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer after a trucking accident is to help you understand your rights. Failure to do so can lead to loss of deserved compensation.

Lastly, truck accident lawyers are helpful in both interstate and intrastate (confined to one state only) cases because these experienced professionals understand the specific risks of local roads, bridges, and weather conditions. Having an attorney who understands the dynamics of the local environment is a critical element in effectively negotiating with the insurance company and the courts.
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Under a legal regulation called the statute of limitations, you must file any personal injury lawsuit within a specific time frame. The statute of limitations is intended to ensure that all evidence is as reliable as possible.

Generally, you must file a personal injury lawsuit in Rhode Island within three years of the accident date. However, some injuries manifest slowly over time, and victims may not recognize them immediately after the incident. In some instances, the statute of limitations does not start until the victim becomes aware of the injury. This regulation is the discovery of harm rule.


Commercial trucks present specific dangers to smaller vehicles and their passengers. Truck drivers must use extra caution to operate their large vehicles safely. Likewise, other drivers need to be aware of the dangers posed by trucks. Commercial vehicles of all types are involved in collisions.


For the most part, commercial truck drivers are cautious and patient on the road. However, in addition to the dangers inherent in the weight and size of commercial trucks, several factors often contribute to accidents. These include:

Driver fatigue

Driving too fast

Distracted Driving

Inadequate surveillance

Brake issues

Improper lane changes

Issues with the flow of traffic

Unfamiliarity with road conditions

Driver or alcohol substance use

Inclement weather conditions

A study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found driver error causes 87% of truck accidents. Fatigue is a significant factor in crashes primarily caused by human error. The FMCSA sets limits on the maximum number of hours truckers can legally operate their vehicles without rest to prevent driver fatigue.

Providence is the city where many of the state’s car accidents occur. While crashes can take place on any street, some intersections are more dangerous than others. Memorial Boulevard near Providence Place Mall and Interstate 95 near exits 24 and 18 frequently see many collisions.

The busy downtown city streets of Washington, Westminster, and Weybosset are also considered dangerous for car crashes.


Large trucks and other commercial vehicles share the road with numerous smaller passenger vehicles every day. To ensure public safety, trucking companies and drivers must follow a complicated set of rules and regulations. Both state and federal agencies oversee the Rhode Island trucking industry.

Rules for intrastate trucking activity are set by Rhode Island’s Office of Highway Safety and the Department of Transportation. Commercial vehicles operating on interstate roads must follow regulations set by the FMCSA and the U.S. Department of Transportation. In general, truckers must adhere to the following rules while driving on intrastate or interstate roads in Rhode Island:
moving truck

Besides state and federal regulations, some trucking companies set their own rules for drivers. It is essential for commercial truckers to fully understand and comply with all company, state, and federal regulations.


Are you looking for a truck accident lawyer in Rhode Island? Marasco & Nesselbush works with personal injury claimants seeking compensation. Contact Marasco & Nesselbush today to set up a no-obligation appointment.
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“For anyone who is really looking for a team of Attorneys that will fight for you every second of the way, this here is the team you want and need in your corner. Attorney Ryan Kelley and his team helped me through such a difficult time after my accident. The stress of thinking what happens next was lifted off my shoulders.

Communication is key for me, and my M&N team was on point with the level of communication they provided. The get-well cards and flowers after surgery were just a special touch that brightened my day. I wasn’t treated like another number or another case, they really made me feel like family. They really care for you and your wellbeing. Words will never express but I will forever be grateful for all they have done for me. Thank you !!!!!”

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I've felt comfortable and have built trust with them. They work hard and it shows. I am super thankful to have worked with them.

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I love this law firm! My lawyer was compassionate, kind and understanding during a very difficult time.

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I've felt comfortable and have built trust with them. They work hard and it shows. I am super thankful to have worked with them.

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I love this law firm! My lawyer was compassionate, kind and understanding during a very difficult time.

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