$2,500,000 recovered for the family of a woman once M&N’s investigation uncovered the true facts about a pedestrian accident

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In a case involving an unthinkable tragedy, a Rhode Island woman passed away not far from her own home. Our client, enjoying a late afternoon walk with her dog, was struck, and killed by a motor vehicle while crossing the street.

Preliminary reporting from law enforcement suggested that the driver was not at fault for the accident, leaving the impression that it was the fault of the pedestrian. Devastated and skeptical of the initial details taken at the scene of the accident, the family reached out to our firm for guidance. When the family told us the event details, we knew we had to act quickly and offer help.

Our litigation team of attorney Timothy P. Lynch and legal assistant Ysmelda Madera worked diligently to uncover the truth behind the events that took place that afternoon. During the investigation, multiple witnesses were identified and interviewed. We obtained police records, statements from neighbors familiar with the area, and nearby surveillance video footage, which captured important events leading up to the tragedy. Several residents attested that the roadway where the accident occurred had been an ignored problem for a long time.  A lawsuit was filed.

Marasco & Nesselbush retained a specialist in biomechanics and biodynamics of human injury with regard to vehicular accidents. The expert meticulously analyzed the witness statements and evidence. After much deliberation, including an in-depth assessment of our client’s significant and fatal injuries, it was determined that the driver acted negligently and failed to maintain proper lookout and control of his vehicle. In addition, our team also retained an economist to determine the long-term financial impact that this life-altering event would have on the family.

With the overwhelming evidence gathered by our team, we quickly moved to reach a considerable outcome for the family, resulting in a $2,500,000.000 settlement with the negligent party’s insurance company—a sum which was nearly five times the initial offer.  These funds will aid in covering any related expenses and help the client’s family as they navigate the difficult and overwhelming task of building a new life around the loss of their loved one.

No sum of money can bring back or replace those we have lost or compensate for the pain of not being able to say goodbye. However, exonerating our client with the truth and obtaining this settlement offers financial security and peace of mind to those left behind. We are proud of the work our team did to uncover more accurate details and, in turn, give a family the justice they deserve.

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