Marasco & Nesselbush Secures $7.27 Million Jury Verdict in Medical Negligence Case


Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP, a leading Providence-based injury law firm, won a $7.27 million jury award against a Massachusetts medical provider for medical negligence in a case that resulted in lifelong disabilities for a Massachusetts woman.

Our client, a wife and mother of three, was 37 years old when she suffered life-altering injuries as a result of a stroke caused by the failure of a medical team to diagnose and treat her severe headache symptoms in a timely manner. 

Marasco & Nesselbush attorneys for the plaintiff, Jane Duket and Mark Grimm argued that over multiple days, the medical team failed to properly communicate the plaintiff’s symptoms, order proper tests, and diagnose the woman’s condition, failures that caused the plaintiff to suffer a life-altering stroke. The lawyers, buttressed by medical experts that testified during the trial, demonstrated that the plaintiff’s stroke and resulting permanent neurological deficits were preventable had proper communication and treatment taken place.

Medical experts testified during the trial that the plaintiff suffered a rare Central Nervous System (CNS) vasculitis stroke which was brought on by an untreated condition called neurosarcoidosis. The untreated condition caused inflammation in the blood vessels of the Plaintiff’s brain, severe headaches, double-vision, and ultimately stroke.

Plaintiff’s expert in neurology testified during the trial that if the plaintiff had been administered steroids when MRI imaging provided evidence of neurosarcoidosis, she would not have suffered the CNS vasculitis stroke and would have been spared from a permanent limp and limited dexterity in her right arm.

The jury found that medical provider was negligent and breached its duty as a corporation by failing to have an appropriate protocol in place to ensure necessary communication between physicians involved in the evaluation and treatment of the plaintiff.

“We are grateful to the jury for its verdict in this case,” said attorney Jane Duket. “It sends an important message that medical service providers will pay a steep price for medical negligence that results in serious and life-long injuries. I’m proud and humbled by our client’s courage, and was honored to work with my colleague and fellow attorney Mark Grimm on this case. I’m also grateful to many others at Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP who supported this case. While our success won’t erase our client’s suffering, we’re pleased the jury agreed with our arguments, held the corporation accountable for their negligence, and provided financial security for our deserving client.

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