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How much can I get for pain and suffering from a car accident?

How much is pain and suffering for a car accident?

How much is pain and suffering for a car accident? The valuation of pain and suffering is very subjective. We look at the nature of the injury that you have sustained, how long you had to be out of work, how long you had to be in treatment, the extent of the medical expenses. Those are all considerations that come into play in the valuation of pain and suffering.

There are a number of common types of injuries that result from a car wreck. For example, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, neck and chest injuries, and more. In fact, 47% of all emergency room visits for traumatic brain injuries are associated with motor vehicle accidents. So, it is important to know your injuries and work with a doctor to determine your recovery. From there, you can work with an attorney to establish proof for pain and suffering so that you can get the compensation you deserve.

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