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Deciding to place a loved one in a Woonsocket, Rhode Island nursing home can be a difficult but necessary decision. Nursing homes offer a much needed service to seniors who can no longer safely live on their own. The elderly often need nursing care and other services that a family can’t provide at home. A quality Woonsocket facility with a good reputation and ratings should be enough to give families peace of mind. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse can occur in even the best Rhode Island nursing home, regardless of ratings. It is up to families to watch for signs of nursing home abuse or neglect and act immediately to protect their loved one.

If you suspect a loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse in Woonsocket, Warwick, or Providence RI, contact authorities immediately to get the resident to safety and then contact a lawyer. Nursing home abuse lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed in these practice areas, to help families seek compensation and justice for their loved one. 

It is vital that your Woonsocket lawyer has experience in practice areas surrounding nursing home abuse. Practice areas indicate the type of cases a lawyer handles and is experienced in litigating. Not all personal injury attorneys have experience in nursing home abuse practice areas, and may not be suitable.

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Rhode Island Physical Nursing Home Abuse

Residents of Warick, Rhode Island nursing homes are vulnerable to abuse for several reasons.

  • Weakened physical state
  • Confused mental state
  • Dementia or Alzheimers
  • Lack of autonomy
  • Fear
  • Isolation

Physical abuse in a Woonsocket nursing home is almost unthinkable but it does happen, and more often than is reported. Physical abuse injuries are not an accident. It is critical for families that have a loved one in a Woonsocket facility to know the signs.

Common signs of nursing home abuse include:

  • Bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Broken glasses
  • Abrasions
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Any other unexplained injury

A resident of a Woonsocket, Rhode Island nursing home is frail enough to need assistance with daily living and is incredibly vulnerable to physical abuse from staff and other residents. Nursing home staff have a duty to protect the residents health and safety. When that duty is ignored and abuse is allowed to happen, legal financial compensation is recommended. A Woonsocket attorney with experience in practice areas including nursing home abuse can help families receive compensation for injuries sustained in a nursing home.

The Woonsocket, Rhode Island law firm of Marasco & Nesselbush place nursing home abuse in the forefront of their practice areas. Victims of nursing home abuse deserve the best legal representation available and the award-winning Woonsocket attorneys at Marasco & Nesselbush are dedicated to representing abuse injury victims and fighting for justice. 

Rhode Island Nursing Home Neglect

Neglect in a nursing home includes lack of basic care for a resident that causes harm or injuries. Nursing home neglect includes but is not limited to:

  • Failure to keep a resident in a sanitary and clean environment.
  • Lack of incontinence care
  • Ignoring resident requests
  • Leaving a resident unsupervised leading to a fall
  • Neglect of injuries or illness
  • Missed medication doses, wrong medication
  • Lack of personal hygiene care, bathing, dental care
  • Inadequate nutrition or lack of support while eating
  • Neglect of hydration needs

In Woonsocket, Rhode Island, nursing home neglect isn’t always intentional but isn’t excused as an accident. Facilities that are short-staffed, or trying to reduce expenses and overhead costs often create conditions where neglect is commonplace. Attorneys with expertise in neglect practice areas can help victims seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Statute of limitations apply to Providence, RI accident cases and this includes neglect. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid delays that may invalidate your case. 

Marasco & Nesselbush is a Providence, RI law firm with practice areas encompassing all aspects of neglect law. Offering a free case evaluation, requiring no legal fee until the case is won, and with the staff and resources required to handle complicated cases, Marasco & Nesselbush is the first choice for Providence, RI injury victims. Call Now (401) 762-9800.

Providence, RI Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse in a Woonsocket, Warwick, or Providence, RI care center is incomprehensible and yet tragically, it does happen. Attorneys with experience in these practice areas are dedicated to fighting for justice and holding the facility and individuals accountable for their negligence. A Woodsocket attorney with experience and compassion can investigate the injury, advise family members on the best action to take, and support Woonsocket victims throughout the recovery process. Practice areas involving sexual assault require sensitivity, compassion, and a fierce determination to see that justice is served.

Elderly Emotional Abuse Woonsocket Attorneys

Emotional abuse may be the most difficult of nursing home practice areas to prove. Emotional abuse is hard to document, often goes unreported, and may leave no sign of injury. An accident attorney with practice areas involving emotional trauma law is required for a successful settlement.

Emotional abuse includes but is not limited to:

  • Name calling
  • Bullying
  • Insults
  • Isolation
  • Harassment

Regardless of the difficulty, emotional distress caused by abuse has a damaging effect on the victim. Unlike an accident or fall, it leaves no physical scars but the pain can be long-lasting and negatively impact the physical health of the victim. Personal injury law permits compensation for emotional trauma to recover the damages involved in recovery. Lawyers with experience in these practice areas can help.

Nursing home abuse lawyers are professionals with an emphasis on neglect and abuse practice areas. The law offices of Marasco & Nesselbush are accident attorneys with practice areas focusing on abuse and neglect in care facilities. With over $100,000,00 recovered on behalf of their clients, Marasco & Nesselbush have an impressive track record in all practice areas relating to personal injury law. For questions regarding a Warwick car accident or abuse case, contact the award winning law firm of Marasco & Nesselbush at (401) 762-9800.