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Nursing home residents who suffer abuse at the hands of a facility’s staff deserve the chance to fight for justice in civil court. Residents and their families can work with a Warwick nursing home abuse lawyer at Marasco & Nesselbush to investigate suspected abuse and hold nursing homes accountable. Our team is dedicated to helping injured residents and their families protect their rights and seek compensation for their losses.

Types Of Nursing Home Abuse

Several different forms of misconduct and mistreatment qualify as nursing home abuse. The most common forms of nursing home abuse in Warwick include the following:

  • Physical abuse: Occurs when a staff member inflicts bodily injury on a resident
  • Financial abuse: Occurs when a staff member steals property or money from a resident or manipulates a resident into giving them money or propert
  • Mental and emotional abuse: Occurs when a staff member berates, belittles, insults, isolates, or treats a resident poorly
  • Sexual abuse: Occurs when a staff member engages in any type of non-consensual sexual activity or behavior with a resident, ranging from harassing a resident with inappropriate images to assault
  • Neglect: Occurs when staff members do not help a resident adequately maintain their hygiene or well-being or when staff members do not keep the resident’s room or the facility clean

Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse​

The signs of nursing home abuse vary depending on the kind of abuse a resident suffers. Common warning signs of abuse and neglect include the following:  

Unexplained bruising or bone fractures

Cuts or wounds

Bed sores


Depression or anxiety

Improper medication doses

Abrupt weight changes

Inadequate hygiene

Physical abuse tends to produce the most obvious signs. A nursing home resident who suffers from broken bones, bruises, or other bodily injuries may be a victim of physical abuse. Sexual abuse can also leave behind physical evidence and injuries. Even if you do not spot physical injuries, a dramatic change in a resident’s mood or attitude can signify abuse. 

Nursing home neglect can cause injuries similar to those caused by physical abuse because residents might fall or injure themselves due to inadequate supervision. But neglect can also cause other health impacts, including sudden weight loss or medical issues caused by a lack of access to essential medications. You should also keep an eye on your loved one’s hygiene, physical well-being, and the cleanliness of their surroundings to ensure they’re receiving proper care regularly.

Family members may not notice financial abuse if they cannot access their loved one’s bank accounts or other assets. However, suspicious family members should verify a nursing home resident’s purchases with them or compare receipts against a resident’s access to amenities or medication to check for signs of financial abuse.

Of all of these forms of abuse, mental and emotional abuse are the most insidious and difficult to spot because they tend to leave no physical evidence. Often, the only sign that a loved one is a victim of emotional or mental abuse is a change in their personality or mood. Residents who withdraw from family members or become depressed, anxious, or fearful may be victims of emotional or mental abuse. If nursing home staff refuses to allow you to be alone with your loved one, they may be manipulating that resident or trying to hide signs of abuse. 

Causes Of Nursing Home Abuse In Warwick, RI

Reduced staffing, poor training, and negligent staff members can all lead to abuse

Staffing shortages can allow abuse to go unnoticed because caretakers lack proper supervision. Short-staffing can also lead to neglect because there are not enough caretakers to meet residents’ needs. Often, lack of cleanliness, poor hygiene, and injuries are signs of staff shortages. Poor living conditions pose a health risk and can cause mental or emotional harm. 

While there are some excellent nursing homes, some homes do not properly train staff members, which can lead to abuse and neglect. A lack of proper training on moving and lifting residents can cause physical injuries, especially when a resident is frail or ill. Staff also need to be trained on distributing medication and meeting cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Sometimes, bad actors work at some of the best nursing homes. While it’s important to watch for staffing shortages and signs of insufficient training when evaluating nursing homes, sometimes a specific caretaker is solely responsible for the abuse. In those cases, monitoring your loved one for signs of abuse and staying in touch with the facility’s management staff can help you spot problems immediately. 

Risk Factors For Nursing Home Abuse​

Nursing home staff members who deliberately mistreat residents may target certain residents based on their gender, sexuality, and mental or health conditions. Residents with Alzheimer’s, autism, and similar conditions can make a resident more vulnerable to abuse than their peers. Similarly, residents who identify as LGBTQ+ tend to face more abuse than other residents.

A female doctor talking to an elderly man on wheel chair

Nursing Home Abuse Prevention

The Rhode Island Department of Health recommends that you remain in close contact with your loved one’s doctors to prevent nursing home abuse. That can help you ensure your loved one receives essential care when they are living in a nursing home. The Department of Health also recommends thoroughly investigating a nursing home and its staff before transitioning a loved one into that home’s care.

Regular visits can help you spot signs of abuse or neglect and will also let the staff know that you are watching out for your loved one. You can also regularly communicate with your loved one’s friends to keep track of their well-being.

How To Report Nursing Home Abuse In Warwick

Rhode Island maintains a digital portal to help family members, staff, and visitors report suspected nursing home abuse. The online form allows you to include photos or other files that might be evidence of abuse or misconduct. 

Contact A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer At Marasco & Nesselbush

When you place an elderly loved one into the care of a nursing home, you want to believe the staff will provide your loved one with the same level of care you would. Unfortunately, too many nursing homes and staff members mistreat the people in their care. 

You don’t have to stand by while your loved one suffers from nursing home abuse. A Warwick elder abuse lawyer at Marasco & Nesselbush can help you keep your loved one safe and hold their abusers accountable. Marasco & Nesselbush can guide you through every step of the legal process and represent your or your loved one’s best interests in court.

Are you ready to file a nursing home abuse claim? Call our Warwick nursing home abuse lawyers today at (401) 738-7700 for a free case evaluation.

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