Providence Workers’ Compensation Lawyer ​

Providence workers are gainfully employed in a wide array of industries that support families, communities, and the state economy. Our city boasts long traditions in shipbuilding, maritime products, agriculture, jewelry and silver, metal fabrication, plastics, and rubber industries. We are also home to biomedicine, advanced business and financial services, cyber and data analytics, transportation, and tourism sectors.

Common Work Accidents​

As in all cities, there are accident and injury risks in virtually every industry in Providence. Some of the injuries lawyers see most often include:
machine crushing or entanglement
Machine crushing or entanglement
repetitive motion injuries
Repetitive motion injuries
overexertion injuries
Overexertion injuries
struck by falling objects
Struck by falling objects
electric shock or electrocutions
Electric shock or electrocutions
harmful or toxic substances
Harmful or toxic substances
welder burns

Welder burns

construction equipment accidents
Construction equipment accidents
work-related car accidents

Work-related car accidents

What To Do If You Are Injured At Work In Providence

If you have had an injury due to a workplace or work-related accident, seek immediate medical attention to get the care you need and document the medical findings. Next, you must report your injury to your employer’s workers’ compensation personnel or human resources department. Your employer will inform their workers’ compensation insurer about the incident.

Your employer’s insurance company will file a report of your injury and determine whether it is work-related and whether you’re eligible for workers’ compensation.

Types Of Available Benefits To Providence Workers​

People injured at work can receive monetary benefits under workers’ compensation law. These benefits can start on the fourth day after the date of injury. In addition, an injured employee may also be eligible for benefits covering medical treatment, disfigurement or loss of use, and rehabilitation expenses. Most benefits are paid weekly.

There are several types of benefits paid under workers’ compensation programs in Providence:

a construction worker on a roof

Marasco & Nesselbush Providence Workers Compensation Lawyers Fight For Your Rights​

The Providence workers’ compensation lawyers at Marasco & Nesselbush have years of experience advocating for people injured at work. We can help you through the process and ensure you obtain the maximum amount of benefits you are due.

Our firm is proud of our compassionate approach to providing legal services to hard-working people who are injured or become ill in the workplace. Facing an onslaught of paperwork and complicated rules for filing a claim can be a lot to handle when you are injured and not feeling well. We are here to support you as you pursue your rightful claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Get A Free Consultation On Your Workers Comp Claim​

To find out if you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, contact our Providence office for a free consultation immediately. Your window of opportunity to file an action against your employer is only two years from the date of your injury. The sooner you get in touch with the award-winning attorneys at our Providence office, the sooner we can get to work defending your rights.

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