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Accidents involving motorcycles are among the most dangerous motor vehicle collisions. Because they are not protected by a vehicle frame or chassis, a motorcyclist involved in a collision with a car or truck may be more susceptible to serious injury. Such an accident can be fatal or require long-term medical care.

If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident in Providence, Rhode Island, you are likely suffering from intense physical injuries. You might even be unable to support yourself financially by working. It is also common for people to experience emotional distress or suffering after a motorcycle accident.

A Providence motorcycle accident lawyer at Marasco & Nesselbush can provide you with comprehensive legal assistance. We offer a free case review for those who have been injured in motorcycle accidents.

$6,200,000 Awarded

to a client who sustained serious injuries in a rollover crash caused by a distracted driver.

$5,100,000 Awarded

for the estate of a woman who passed as a result of surgical negligence.

$4,500,000 Awarded

for a client who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car crash.


Rhode Island is known for its quaint towns and long stretches of coastal highway with spectacular views of the ocean. Many believe that travelers obtain a unique perspective of these locations from the seat of a motorcycle. In addition, motorcycles are often much more affordable than cars to drive and maintain.

However, motorcycles are also much more dangerous than cars. They offer little-to-no protection to riders; there is nothing between the rider and the pavement in the event of an accident.

According to the NHTSA, motorcycle riders are over 29 times more likely to die in a traffic collision than are people in cars. In a crash, motorcycle riders may suffer more severe and extensive injuries, such as internal bleeding, bone fractures, spine injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Statistics show that 84,000 motorcyclists were injured and 5,014 were killed in crashes nationally in 2019. Those on motorcycles accounted for 14% of traffic fatalities.


Motorcycle crashes can be caused by various factors. Negligence of the motorcyclist or other driver may be a cause. Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

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Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

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Distracted driving

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Failing to follow traffic laws

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Poor weather conditions

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Motorcycle crashes can be caused by various factors. Negligence of the motorcyclist or other driver may be a cause. Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include:


There are a number of injuries common to motorcycle collisions. Because motorcyclists have little protection, they are more likely to incur significant wounds.


Biker’s arm is commonly sustained in motorcycle crashes that result in the rider falling from the bike. The instinct to put out their arms to brace for a fall can cause a motorcyclist to sustain broken bones and fractures in their arms.


According to the National Highway Safety Administration, 47% of all motorcycle crashes result in injuries to the lower extremities. Wearing proper safety gear when riding a motorcycle can prevent foot and leg injuries — such as cuts, sprains, muscle injuries, or fractures — during a motorcycle crash.


Head injuries are common in motorcycle crashes, especially if the rider is not wearing a helmet. Rhode Island has a partial helmet law that requires drivers and passengers to wear a helmet until the age of 21. Unfortunately, this means that drivers who opt not to use a helmet may be more susceptible to traumatic brain injuries in the event of a crash.


The fall from a bike can lead to significant spinal injuries, depending on how the person lands. Spinal injuries may consist of slipped discs, a bruised spine, or worse. These types of injuries can result in the need for long-term care or surgery.


Emotional trauma is arguably one of the worst injuries that can result from a motorcycle accident. The fall from a bike can be intensely scary, and reliving it day-to-day can result in nightmares or PTSD. Those who suffer from emotional trauma may need significant therapy to overcome their fears.


If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to follow a series of steps to ensure that you have appropriate documentation of the wreck. This documentation can assist you when applying for insurance reimbursement or if you decide to pursue a legal claim. Steps include:


Check to See If Anyone Has Been Injured

First and foremost, check yourself and others for injuries. If you or someone else has been injured and needs immediate medical treatment, call 911 for an ambulance. In cases where you are unable to do so, ask a bystander to call on your behalf.


Contact Police to Come to the Scene of the Accident

Police can survey the accident and determine the cause. They can also take control of the scene and have vehicles moved from the area of the collision. Once they have completed their investigation of the wreck, they will provide the parties involved with a copy of the police report. A police report can help your attorneys and insurance company should you decide to pursue a personal injury claim as the result of the wreck.


Get Your Own Documentation

Take pictures of your motorcycle and any other vehicles that were involved in the collision, as well as any property damage that occurred. If you are able, take notes of how you believe the accident occurred. A Providence motorcycle accident lawyer can use your notes if you decide to pursue a personal injury claim.


Exchange Contact and Insurance Information with Other Drivers

If any other drivers were involved in the wreck, ask for their insurance and contact information. It’s common for emotions to run high after an accident, so try to keep a cool head. Don’t admit fault or blame anyone for the accident.


Seek Medical Treatment

Even if you don’t believe that you were injured in a wreck, go to a physician for a full check-up as soon as possible. High adrenaline after an accident can mask the effects of an injury, and it’s common to not realize that you sustained a serious injury until a few hours afterward. Going to the doctor can ensure that you receive treatment for any injuries. It will also provide you with documentation that could be useful if you pursue a personal injury lawsuit.


You may recover a variety of types of compensation following a motorcycle accident. Amounts recovered will depend on the severity of your injuries, whether you are able to work, and other criteria.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are easily measured. These consist of past, present, and future medical bills as well as lost wages. If your ability to work has been compromised for the foreseeable future, you may be able to obtain compensation for that.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages consist of emotional distress, pain and suffering, and other types of compensation. These types of claims are generally a bit harder to prove. However, if your quality of life has suffered as a result of your distress, you should seek this type of compensation.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are generally awarded by the judge when an accident is determined to have been caused by gross negligence. They are seen as a punishment to the defendant and meant to set an example for others. These types of damages are the legal system’s method of discouraging future bad behavior.


If you’ve been injured in a recent motorcycle accident, it’s important to seek legal representation for your case. A Providence motorcycle accident lawyer at Marasco & Nesselbush can provide you with a free case consultation.

Working with Insurance Companies

We have experience dealing with insurance companies following a motorcycle accident. Each attorney at Marasco & Nesselbush is experienced with negotiating tactics. We will work to reach the best settlement possible for you.

Organizing and Presenting Evidence of Fault and Liability

Even if you have no doubt that the other driver is to blame for the accident, that is not enough to obtain compensation. Our attorneys will work with you to assemble your documentation. When we present your case, the evidence will be clear to insurance companies and the court.

Assembling Your Medical and Work Records

When seeking compensation for medical expenses and lost work as a result of a motorcycle crash, you will need comprehensive and organized documentation. We will ensure that all records of your injuries and treatments you received are properly documented. This will help the legal teams assess the costs associated with your injuries and allow your attorney to maximize your compensation.

Representing You in Court

If the insurance company is unresponsive or unwilling to provide you with a fair settlement, we will bring the case to court on your behalf. You will work with a passionate, dedicated lawyer who is skilled at the negotiating table and in court. Our goal is to get you the most money for your case.

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“For anyone who is really looking for a team of Attorneys that will fight for you every second of the way, this here is the team you want and need in your corner. Attorney Ryan Kelley and his team helped me through such a difficult time after my accident. The stress of thinking what happens next was lifted off my shoulders.

Communication is key for me, and my M&N team was on point with the level of communication they provided. The get-well cards and flowers after surgery were just a special touch that brightened my day. I wasn’t treated like another number or another case, they really made me feel like family. They really care for you and your wellbeing. Words will never express but I will forever be grateful for all they have done for me. Thank you !!!!!”

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