What is back pay for social security disability?


What is back pay for social security disability?

Social Security offers two disability programs, SSI (Social Security Insurance) and SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance). The back pay or retroactive benefits that you can receive under each program is really different, so it is important that you know the difference.

Under SSDI, you can actually go back a year from the date that you file your SSDI application and get benefits provided you were disabled at that time. However, it is a little bit complicated because there is a five-month waiting period for SSDI. But on the other hand, with SSI, you can only receive benefits the month after you file for SSI.

It is really important, as soon as you think you are disabled, to file for either SSDI or SSI. You should get a competent attorney because a competent attorney will help you go back in time to get you the maximum amount of benefits that you need and deserve. Social Security benefits can be incredibly complicated, so, it is important to work with someone who you can trust.

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