August 2023

back view of a car in snow

Winter Car Accidents

Winter in Rhode Island can make roads treacherous. Snow, ice, slush, and other conditions increase slipperiness and can make it difficult to stop, start, or turn, especially in an emergency situation. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), one in every four crashes on U.S. roads each year is weather-related. Many of these are the …

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a caution sign and a care that broke down

Most Dangerous Roads in New England

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) is responsible for maintaining roadway safety in Rhode Island. The RIDOT may work with local departments of public works and other organizations to carry out these duties. However, when a roadway is not maintained properly, either due to oversight, negligence, lack of funding, or other reasons, hazardous roadways can cause …

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a person handing a teen driver car keys

Teenage Car Accidents What to Do

The number of teen drivers who cause car accidents that result in serious injuries or death – to themselves, their passengers and others on the road – have reached staggering levels nationwide. The tragic statistics below highlight the problem. Teen Driving Facts The crash rate per mile driven by teen drivers ages 16-19 is three times higher than the …

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Neck Injuries

Many of our clients at Marasco & Nesselbush are the victims of car accidents who are now coping with the consequences of a serious neck injury. Neck and spine injuries can be debilitating, requiring years of medical treatment, multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation. Many car accident victims can never fully recover, and face a future filled with difficult …

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Car crash accident

Who Is at Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Collision?

A multi-car accident can result in serious physical injury and vehicle damage. When you file a claim to recover compensation, it can also become confusing and stressful. Several drivers and multiple insurers might be involved, leading to competing investigations. You can get help to navigate the process. Marasco & Nesselbush can be your trusted legal partners after a multi-car accident or chain-reaction collision in Rhode Island.

a doctor talks to a patient who was in a car accident

Concussion After a Car Accident? Here is What You Should Know

Concussions from a car accident can cause temporary or permanent brain impairment. Recognizing the warning signs is crucial for prompt medical attention. Treatment options include rest, symptom management, and rehabilitation programs. If another party’s negligence caused you or a loved one’s concussion, they may be legally responsible for the injury. Reach out to Marasco & …

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