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Whether you are a new driver or have had your license for many years, there is always a risk of a car accident while on the road. Taking our 20-question quiz refreshes you on driving basics, statistics, and everyday driving situations you may encounter to help you be better prepared.

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Interesting Statistics and Things All Drivers Should Know

Think you know all about driving? Take this quiz to test your knowledge!

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Distractions cause _ % of car accidents with injuries.

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When an emergency vehicle is approaching from behind you, you must:

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Most fatal car accidents occur between the times of _ - _.

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There are _ fatal car accidents with male drivers for every 1 with a female driver.

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At what age are you at the highest risk of being in a car accident?

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If you are driving at night and an approaching car doesn’t dim its high beams, what should you do?

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When driving in icy or snowy conditions, what should you do to avoid getting into an accident?

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What should you do if you get a flat tire while driving on the highway?

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Which of the following must you do when parking at the top of a hill facing downhill?

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Is it illegal to wear headphones while driving?

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About  _% of accidents happen within a 5-mile radius of home.

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True or False: Studies show that common situations of driving when tired (like after a long day at work) are equivalent to driving under the influence of alcohol.

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When being tailgated by another vehicle, how can a driver practice defensive driving?

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_% of drivers in fatal car accidents weren’t wearing their seat belts.

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Is driving under the influence of marijuana illegal?

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Texting while driving is banned in _ states.

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True or False: Loud, aggressive music can increase your risk of getting in an accident by slowing down your reaction time.

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How do you know if you are in a semi-truck’s blind spot?

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How far behind another car should you travel assuming normal conditions and weather?

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True or False: The number one cause of death of law enforcement officers is traffic accidents.

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