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The Best and Worst Auto Insurance Companies

a person using a laptop to browse auto insurance information As a firm that represents hundreds of clients who have suffered life-altering injuries from motor vehicle accidents, our team is often asked for recommendations on which insurance companies are the best since we deal with so many auto insurers daily. When choosing auto insurance there are many factors to consider, including but not limited to, price, coverage, deductibles, and customer service. The following recommendations on the best and worst auto insurance companies reflect our experience serving our clients as well as consumer research data.

The Best: U.S. News & World Report recently published the results of a survey identifying the best auto insurance companies in the country. Insurance companies were ranked based on the opinions of customers in several different categories. USAA topped the rankings with high marks in customer service, ability to handle claims quickly, and likeliness to renew. State Farm and Geico round out the top three auto insurance companies in the survey. Source: U.S. News & World Report, September 9, 2021. 

The Worst:  At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve identified the bottom three insurance companies. Infractions that place auto insurance companies on the “worst” list include refusing to pay claims, poor customer service, increases in premiums, and putting profits before policyholders.

According to, AIG is the worst. AIG consistently scored low on all dimensions of customer satisfaction and AIG appears on many “worst” lists. Other companies rounding out the bottom three according to and J.D. Power and Associates are GMAC and Commerce Insurance Company. Source:, August 27, 2021.

Our findings are consistent with these results. The Marasco & Nesselbush team has more than 20 years of experience dealing with every auto insurer that underwrites policies in Rhode Island. In many cases, we would describe our “dealing with insurers” as battling with them on behalf of our clients. Coping with the impact of an auto accident, especially when life-altering injuries are sustained, is emotionally challenging. As our award-winning team provides trusted legal care for our clients, it’s important to know which insurance companies can be counted on to provide the best service when auto accidents occur.  

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