M&N Wins Substantial Confidential Settlement in a Case Against a Hospital

In a tragic case, a husband and father lost his life while entrusted in the care of a local hospital. Our client was hospitalized for a period of five days during which the hospital staff failed to recognize and properly treat his worsening condition. Devastatingly, on the fifth day he was found unresponsive after suffering respiratory arrest. This led to brain damage forcing his family to make the difficult decision to remove life support. 

The defense attempted to argue that the hospital acted within the appropriate standard of care. They suggested that adequate measures were taken by all members of the hospital staff to monitor and treat our client. However, after intensive discovery and investigation, we found that, among other issues, the nurse who found this patient unresponsive could have averted this tragedy by performing CPR. In addition, we were able to establish that the treatment of the other members of the staff was also negligent.

The Marasco & Nesselbush team lead by attorney Mark Grimm compiled a group of expert witnesses to prove that the hospital had committed medical negligence. Based upon the facts presented in discovery and the opinions offered by the experts, Marasco & Nesselbush showed that had the staff followed the standard of care they should have been aware of our client’s declining health. The experts opined that the hospital’s monitoring was negligent given our client’s health. Absent of the hospital’s negligence, our client’s condition would have likely been noticed in time to properly treat and his premature death would have been avoided. 

The loss of a family member is too devastating to ever fully recompense. However, we believe that it is important to fight to hold those negligent accountable.

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