Highway Accident Victim Receives $900,000 Settlement

Marasco & Nesselbush recently recovered $900,000 for a client involved in a horrible motor vehicle accident. The client, a young man in his twenties, was driving on a local highway one evening when his car was struck at a high rate of speed in the high-speed lane. The collision caused our client’s vehicle to crash into the Jersey barrier, after which both vehicles came to a stop in the road. When his engine caught fire, our client quickly exited, only to be struck by a second vehicle. His body was crushed upon impact, and he crashed through the windshield. Shockingly, the driver who hit him continued driving at full speed with our client embedded in his wind- shield. When the ambulance finally arrived, miles from the initial crash site, our client was barely conscious, severely injured and in unbearable pain. 

Our client sustained multiple fractures to his face, nose, both legs and his right arm, as well as numerous cuts. Fortunately, he received extraordinary care from the trauma and orthopedic surgeons at the hospital, and he slowly recovered. Still the accident impaired his ability to perform his job and adversely affected his social and recreational life. The driver of the second vehicle, which shattered the body of our client, had no insurance and no assets. The insurance company for the first car that hit him argued that their insured had not caused him significant harm. 

By litigating to settlement, Marasco & Nesselbush ensured that our client was fully compensated for his severe injuries, pain, lost earnings, medical bills, and the horrible toll the accident exacted on his quality of life. We aggressively pursued the case against the driver of the first vehicle. Under Rhode Island law, where two or more persons are jointly responsible for causing injury, they are both liable for the full amount of the damages. In this case, had the driver of the first vehicle not struck our client, he would never have been out on the highway in a position to be struck by the second car. Attorneys Joseph P. Marasco and Mark H. Grimm worked to compel the insurance company to pay this substantial award in full. While the settlement obtained will not erase the nightmare our client endured, we are heartened that it will allow him to heal knowing that his future is secure.

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