Helping a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Obtain Social Security Disability Benefits

A medical image showing the internal structure of the brain using X-ray technologyThe Marasco & Nesselbush Social Security disability team recently obtained a favorable decision after a hearing with the Social Security Administration involving a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor who was initially denied Social Security disability benefits.

Our client was in a horrific motorcycle accident during the summer of 2017. The crash left him with several broken bones, a brain bleed and a traumatic brain injury. After being induced into a coma, our client spent two weeks in the hospital then four weeks in a skilled nursing facility.

Once discharged, he continued to suffer from physical injuries and cognitive deficits which greatly impacted his daily life and ability to work. The physical injuries made it difficult for him to walk and participate in activities that required standing or moving for extended periods of time. The cognitive deficits, including delayed speech, mind fog and stuttering made it hard for him to concentrate and communicate in a working environment.

Our client contacted M&N after being denied Social Security disability benefits at the initial application stage. Attorney Nicklyn Dolphin and our disability team took immediate action and gathered our client’s work history, medical records and cognitive evaluations. The team built a case file, then presented our client’s case at a hearing. The outcome of the hearing was a favorable decision, and our client now receives the Social Security disability benefits he deserves.

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