What does disability insurance cover?

What does disability insurance cover?

Many people wonder, what does disability insurance cover? What benefits are provided by Social Security disability? If you qualify for Social Security disability, you will get a cash monthly benefit. I mean, essentially, these days, it’s direct deposit into a bank account, but it’s a monthly amount of money depending on either how much you have worked in your life, or if it’s an SSI case, there’s a fixed amount that we call the Federal Benefit Rate. It gives you a fixed amount of monthly benefits. It also comes with health insurance, so if you’ve applied for SSDI, we’ll hope to be able to get you Medicare health coverage, and if you’ve applied for SSI, we’ll get you Medicaid health insurance coverage.

Health insurance is so important especially if you’re battling physical or mental illness. We all need access to quality health care and also, with Social Security disability benefits, you can often access a free bus pass, which will help you with transportation to get to your medical appointments, and often, access to public housing. Housing is so expensive these days and that can be a tremendous assistance to someone who is receiving Social Security disability.

If there’s any way we can help clients get Social Security disability, we’re always happy to guide you every step of the way.

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