Samsung’s New Truck Safety Innovation


A prototype safety truck, developed by the electronics manufacturer Samsung, shows how technology may be used to improve highway safety by eliminating some of the common reasons that truck accidents occur.

The Samsung Safety Truck has a wireless camera mounted on the front of the truck, according to a Samsung news release. The camera is connected to large video screens on the back of the truck that show motorists behind the truck what the traffic conditions are in front of the truck. This allows drivers who want to pass slower moving trucks to have a better view of road conditions  and be in a better position to judge when it is safe to pass.

The video screens on the back doors of the truck trailer also make it easier for automobile drivers to see traffic conditions that are likely to cause a truck driver to stop suddenly.

In terms of overall truck safety, the widespread introduction of trucks with the electronic features like the Safety Truck could make sharing the road with tractor trailers and semi-trucks easier for drivers and could save lives. Samsung is working with organizations that promote safe driving to  develop the Safety Truck concept, which has been tested in Argentina.

Truck Accident Facts

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 4,000 people are killed in truck accidents each year in the United States. As many as 95,000 others suffer serious injuries.

As many as two thirds of those injured in accidents involving large trucks are occupants of the other vehicles. The NHTSA reports that truck accidents typically occur due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Errors on the part of motorists, such as following too closely, improper passing, or failing to brake in time to avoid rear end collisions;
  • Truck driver error, such as speeding, reckless driving, and driving under the influence; and/or
  • Loading and maintenance issues, such as uneven weight distribution and worn tires or brake systems.

The NHTSA reports that rear end collisions involving trucks are roughly three times more likely to occur than with regular motorists. The frequency of rear end collisions involving large trucks is    due to the greater distance required for large trucks to brake and the inability of motorists to see past large trucks and anticipate when they will be stopping.

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