New Year’s Resolutions to Make 2015 the Best (and Safest) Year Yet


Most resolutions are intended to bring about positive changes and new beginnings. While it is good to make resolutions about personal goals you intend to meet (such as losing weight) and objectives you may have for the upcoming year (such as changing careers or getting your degree), there are other types of resolutions you can make that will benefit everyone’s safety.

Since 2014 is about to come a close, now is a good time to start figuring out what New Year’s resolutions you want to make so that 2015 can be the best and safest year yet. Consider how you could act in a safer manner, how you can improve safety at work or school and how you can help loved ones protect themselves from the risk of injury or harm.

Important New Year’s Safety Resolutions

If you want to do what you can to help keep you and your loved ones safe, and reduce the possibility of a personal injury in 2015, you may want to include the following among your resolutions:

  • I will not text while driving. According to, texting while driving is one of the most dangerous types of driver distraction. Avoiding any actions that require you to take your hands off the wheel, eyes off the road or attention off the task of driving can save lives.
  • I will designate a driver ahead of time – or let someone else take the wheel – if I have been drinking. Drinking and driving do not mix. If you do not have anyone you can designate as a sober driver, plan on taking a cab or using public transportation to get home.
  • I will not drive when I have gotten an insufficient amount of sleep, or I become fatigued or drowsy. Drowsy driving has been shown in several studies to be as dangerous as driving drunk. Stop and rest if you are too tired to drive safely.
  • I will keep up with all recommended vehicle maintenance and repairs. Delaying necessary repairs or vehicle maintenance could cause an accident.
  • I will inspect my business and make sure it is safe for employees and customers. Under premises liability laws, business owners are responsible for keeping their properties free of hazards that could cause injury or harm.
  • I will not serve alcohol to minors or to those who are visibly intoxicated. Liquor establishments can be liable, under the Liquor Liability Act, for certain alcohol-related accidents or injuries caused by negligence or carelessness in serving customers.
  • I will check on my elderly loved ones who are living in nursing homes or under home care. It is always important to make sure they are safe and not being subjected to any type of nursing home abuse or neglect.
  • I will remain alert for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists while driving. Drivers must pay close attention to the people and other vehicles around them, particularly because pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists are much harder to see.
  • I will check to make sure that none of my children’s toys, strollers, cribs or other products have been recalled. The Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps an up-to-date list of all recent and current recalls, which parents can use to help keep their children safe.

Avoiding Serious Accidents and Injuries in the New Year

Throughout the holiday season, and into the upcoming year, consider what actions you can take that will make 2015 the best and safest year for you and those you love. In some cases, simply pausing to think before you act may be all it takes to help you avoid a serious accident or injury in the New Year.

Despite your best efforts, accidents do happen. If you’re injured by someone else’s negligence in 2015, contact the Rhode Island personal injury attorneys at Marasco & Nesselbush to discuss your legal rights and options. We provide stress free case reviews to accident victims. Call us at 401-443-2999 or fill out a contact form to set up a free legal consultation. We have four offices located in Providence, Wakefield, Warwick, and Woonsocket to easily serve you.