Leap Into 2016 – 5 Simple Tips For a Happy, Healthy and Inspired Year!



“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”  –Dalai Lama

  1. Laugh every day.  No joke!  Laughter reduces stress hormones, boosts immunity and allows for positive emotions.  Children laugh every single day.  Follow a child’s example and make room for humor whether you are by yourself or spending time with others.
  2. Move your body.  Make physical activity a priority and have fun with it, whether it’s taking a dance class, going for a walk in your neighborhood or hitting the slopes this winter!  Keeping your body moving reduces your risk of disease, symptoms of depression and anxiety while maintaining your weight.   If you get outside, remember to use your helmets and sunscreen.
  3. Invest your time in others.  Help a child learn to read.  Spend an afternoon at a food pantry.  Support a charitable 5k.  Find a cause that you believe in, and invest your time.  Volunteering provides a sense of purpose, combats depression and increases your social skills.
  4. Reconnect with your friends.  Did you create a holiday card list this season?  If you did, you may have noticed that an entire year has passed without connecting with certain friends.   Whether it’s your holiday card list or your Facebook friends, reach out to someone that you have been meaning to connect with.  Friendships lowers stress levels, can have a positive impact on your personal habits, not to mention add years to your life.  
  5. Eat more vegetables and fruit.  Our state of mind has a close relationship with what we put in our bodies.  Eat healthy, nutrition-packed meals and try to avoid highly processed foods.  Vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants that can prevent disease and aging!