Rhode Island Winter Driving Safety Tips

In our last blog post, we discussed some ways in which you can “winterize” your vehicle to prepare for driving in the snow and ensure that your car is equipped with the proper items to help keep you and your passengers safe. This blog addresses some additional tips, with the following points focused on driving safe in snowy and icy road conditions.

Be Patient with Snowplows – It may seem simple enough, but be sure to slow down and stay behind snowplows. It’s a good idea to drive at least five car lengths behind the snowplow, and staying behind the plow is one of the safest spots to drive since the path ahead will be clear. Another important thing to remember is to never pass a snowplow, especially on the right, since that is where snow is ordinarily directed.

Black Ice – Black ice is a major problem after and during a snowstorm. It isn’t always easy to spot, and even when you can see it, it creates extremely hazardous driving conditions. Be particularly wary of black ice along bridge decks, entrance and exit ramps,

Remember the Basics – It’s crucial to have your headlights turned on, and you want to make sure that your cruise control settings have been turned off.

Don’t Speed – Even when we rely on technology like four-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, and traction control, a motorist must still exercise safe driving habits, which include slowing down on snowy or icy roads and highways. Remember these technological advancements provide little security on icy roads.

Check Conditions – Before you take off for a drive, call 511 or visit www.tmc.dot.ri.gov to find out what current road conditions are in your area and the areas in which you’ll be traveling, and check the weather forecast.

Clean Your Vehicle – One of the most unsuspecting hazards while driving is snow or ice falling off your vehicle and creating dangerous driving conditions, causing a crash, or damaging a vehicle behind you. It is required by law that all motorists remove ice and snow from their vehicles, including windows, hood, trunk, and the roof.

Winter weather increases the risk of auto accidents. The Providence car accident lawyers at Marasco & Nesselbush ask all drivers to do their part in helping to prevent Rhode Island car crashes by keeping these safety tips and others in mind when traveling along snowy or icy roads.