Eight Out of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections Found in Rhode Island

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Driving through New England is often a challenge not for the faint of heart. It’s no secret that intersections are frequently crowded with motor vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and other road users looking to get from point A to point B as fast as possible.

While there are laws and schedules set by traffic control devices like stop signs and traffic signals, there are still thousands of negligent drivers on the road each day. Negligent drivers are a common cause of intersection accidents in Rhode Island, but they are not the only potential cause.

Knowing where dangerous intersections and merges are will help you stay safe on New England roads. GoLocal recently compiled a list of the 60 most dangerous intersections in New England with the top 10 most dangerous intersections including:

  1. I-95 – Exit 20, Providence, RI – 217 crashes, 2 fatalities, 90 injuries
  2. I-95 – Exit 22, Providence, RI – 347 crashes, 2 fatalities, 54 injuries
  3. I-95 – Exit 23, Providence, RI – 98 crashes, 2 fatalities, 50 injuries
  4. CT Route 15 – Mile marker 46.42 to 47.03, New Haven, CT – 561 crashes, 125 injuries
  5. I-95 – Exits 14/15, Warwick, RI – 254 crashes, 1 fatality, 87 injuries
  6. I-95 – Exit 18, Providence, RI – 232 crashes, 1 fatality, 86 injuries
  7. I-295 – Exit 6, Johnston, RI – 144 crashes, 1 fatality, 65 injuries
  8. CT Route 17 – Mile marker 21.55 to 22.14, Middletown, CT – 372 crashes, 107 injuries
  9. I-95 – Exit 24, Providence, RI – 134 crashes, 1 fatality, 52 injuries
  10. I-295 – Exit 3, Cranston, RI – 95 crashes, 1 fatality, 59 injuries

It is incredible to note that eight out of the ten most dangerous New England intersections are in Rhode Island, but knowing where these dangerous intersections and merges are may help drivers exercise extra caution to avoid a hazardous situation.

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